The new video from Mitski is a beautiful work of art


The Japanese-American singer Mitski is already a few years of great music that we regularly run on the editorial board. For the video with the song A Pearl she called in the help of design studio Art Camp.

It has quite a bit of time and effort to this very attractive end result. First of all, made Art Camp on the computer a 3D animation. Herein you can see Mitski first of all, walk in an empty landscape. Then, rent them a building and she makes a free-fall. Eventually, they returned to the place where they began.

1480 frames

When the animation was ready, then each frame is printed with an ink jet printer. That were 1480 frames in total! Each frame is then painted or drawn with the help of different techniques such as oil paint, pastel, charcoal and pencil. Then each frame is again scanned and, using classical techniques combined to an animation.

The result is a truly beautiful piece of art. Not only by the labour-intensive process, but also because the dreamy images fit well with the text and music. A Pearl is about a woman who is stuck in a relationship where they themselves did not believe in. Just as an oyster something in the shell can grow to be a pearl is at its a wrong thought is a pearl.

The video of A Pearl is established with the help of Spotify.

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