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Telenet Giants Antwerp book thirteenth victory in a row in Ostend, and is only leader

d31cb5047f1d53e90fc3558684862f36 - Telenet Giants Antwerp book thirteenth victory in a row in Ostend, and is only leader

Telenet Giants Antwerp remains the EuroMillions League dominate. The Inhabitants won after a bite your fingernails, the winner in Ostend, with 67-71. The Inhabitants remain with one match played than a strong leader.

Both teams started handicapped on the party. Ostend missed Nemanja Djurisic (rib) and the suspended Elias Lasisi. At Telenet Giants Antwerp was Tyler Kaloniski absent. The American forward has troubles a kuitletsel and is also uncertain for the party tonight.

Vic Sanders opened with a bomb for the Giants , but Chase Fieler responded immediately with two triples. In a balanced first quarter did the Inhabitants with a 0-7 to 8-10 but it was Ostend and also Shevon Thompson in the first quarter the better team. Ostend had after the first quarter and at the hands of TJ Williams a 20-15 bonusje on bag.

To 22-18 kept the Giants in the second slide in the wake of Ostend. The kustploeg defended, however, is very sleek, the Inhabitants found no opening, and members also dispossessions. Jean-Marc Mwema dropped five points for Ostend, and TJ Williams remained with delicious now unpacking. In a 31-20 intermediate staggered the Giants. The Metropoolploeg showed, however, a dose of resilience-a dominated in the first half, the rebound (15-21). Ismael Bako dunkte there was los and along with Jae’Sean Tate forced he the connection: 31-27. Yoeri Blades and Paris Lee dropped a bomb and a 0-12 tussenspurt (31-32) was in the slotseconde of the first half with a three pointer of Vrenz Bleijenbergh a happy ending. A 0-15 tussenspurt made for a 31-35 Antwerp standings halfway through the party.

Also in the third quarter remained with the Giants through an impressive Ismael Bako dominate. Paris Lee made his coin in the bag and 42-47 was the Antwerp Giants, the clock struck. Jae’Sean Tate got light attacking errors from the trio of refs and TJ Williams and also Yannick Desiron scored for Oostende. At 50-49 came to the West-Flemings again in the lead, but the Giants went the last quarter in with a 50-51 bonus.

Hans Vanwijn dropped into a captivating slotkwart a few bombs but in a bitsit slotkwart continued to Oostende in the lead: 64-61. Jae’Sean Tate got a slight technical fault and was, in fact, from the party called. With two vrijworpen of Paris Lee and with a bomb of Dave Dudzinski was actually 66-68. Hans Vanwijn only worked a 1 in 2 vrijworpen and also Dusan Djordjevic missed his second attempt. Vic Sanders worked his two virjworpen and profit eventually went to Telenet Giants Antwerp.

Ostend-Telenet Giants Antwerp 67-71

Ostend: Williams, 20, , Schwartz 4, Buza 2, Mwema 7, Desiron 6, Botuli 0, Djordjevic 7, Thompson 11, Kesteloot 2, Fieler 8

Telenet Giants Antwerp: Akyazili 3, Lee 9, Tate , Vanwijn 10 , Sanders 11, Bleijenbergh 3, Blades 3, Bako 19, Dudzinski 6, Donkor 0, Kingsley 0,

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