Sudanese protest to comply with, army rejects criticism

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In Sudan, came to the people for weeks on the street to make political reforms to enforce. After the deposition of the dictator Bashir dominated first joy, but when the army the power toetrok hit the atmosphere. The military leadership rejects all criticism on the war.

“We certainly have not the ambition to give us the power to cling’, a military leader Omar Sain al-Abdin Friday in Khartoum said. The Sudanese army says in a dialogue with all political groups of the country and argues that the future government, a civilian government will be.

Still were tens of thousands of Sudanese Friday just continue with their protestmanifestaties and requirements to a civilian government.

‘Population support’

The army says only security and stability in the country. “I swear, that we the demands of the population to support,” said the spokesman of the army. “We will meet their demands strength.’ He asked that the citizens, the army would support.

The army moved on Thursday the 75-year old president Omar al-Bashir. He was thirty years in power. The soldiers pulled the power, and like two years to put stay. Then free elections to be held. The state of emergency was declared for three months and there is a curfew.

The new strong man in Sudan’s vice-president and Defence minister Awad Ibn Auf, who served for many years with Bashir worked.

The opposition condemns the seizure of power by the army and wants, and civilian transitional government. They announce new events. Also from abroad came to criticism. The African Union said that a takeover of power by the army is not the appropriate reaction is to the protests of the population.

Also let the army know that Bashir is trapped and that they him during the military administration not to the countries abroad will deliver.

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