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Study shows: Germany only average when Blockchain-use – Coin Hero

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Study shows: Germany only average when Blockchain-use

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Matthias Nemack –

The industry Association sees a discrepancy between the acceptance of the Blockchain in the German economy and the actual application.

The Association sees a danger that Germany remains to be active for a long time

If you look at the messages from the past few months, it would be the main thrust can be summarised as follows: In the banking sector and other sectors of the economy seems to finally realize the potential that is associated with the Blockchain and the digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum on the other side. In the implementation, but the German economy has been stalled to a large extent. The leaves, however, a new study by the Federal Association for information economy, telecommunications and new media e. V. (Bitkom) suggest. Because the evaluation of the industry Association of Germany, at least so far, rather mediocre exploiter of the possibilities of crypto-currencies and, in particular, the Blockchain technology. The the use in large Parts of the knowledge of the usefulness of the technologies involved, could raise concerns. Not for the first Time, because earlier on some Blockchain-omissions were identified.

Interest is available, the implementation falls short

Experts finally agree that just banks, but also logistics company in clear dimensions could benefit. The Association itself expressed concerns, because the risk that German companies miss out on the progress and in the worst case, the international connection will lose. The current study comes to the result that 50 percent of German companies fall behind in comparison with other States. Critical Bitkom-President Achim Berg rating in a recent opinion to the effect that the Blockchain brings opportunities, which is currently in use, the Alternative procedure law “to the head could make”. The fact that the Blockchain is rather used for experiments should not lead to German companies abandon work on their own research and development.

What time is the rethinking of the German economy?

The danger of losing the connection, is large, so the mountain. The advantages of the Blockchain databases, according to the Association President on the Hand. Transparency in transactions of the Association sees as a major plus point. A new study by the Association shows that 87 percent of the companies surveyed are responsible, in turn, the Blockchain would be beneficial in a wide variety of business classified areas. This is true not only for the logistics sector and the financial sector. The German government’s strategy is working on a Blockchain, you can see the Association accordingly. More important, however, is that Germany itself is ready for development-based approaches to Blockchain to take a leadership role. The Bitcoin do not need to play the main role. Litecoin and other systems such as Ripple are less promising.

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