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Stoffel Vandoorne: “McLaren has on me chewed me and spit out”

17941b496f9196539fd31f21c5932310 - Stoffel Vandoorne: "McLaren has on me chewed me and spit out"

Former hoofdmecanicien at McLaren, Mark Priestley, fills his days now, among other books, writing, TV presenting programs and vloggen. It is in that latter capacity that he a question answered about our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne.

During his vlog was Priestley the question of why McLaren Vandoorne no role as simulatorpiloot had offered. He replied as follows: “I think the main reason is that Vandoorne, presumably, would have denied if they had offered.”

There is already a lot of ink flowed about the exit of Stoffel Vandoorne at McLaren, that he there is no time in passing to Alonso to beat during the qualifiers was by the Spaniard, for example, also always put in the paint and at the end of the season if Stoffel Vandoorne with McLaren. Although not all was his fault were the expectations not fulfilled.

Priestley managed to tell that he Vandoorne against the body was walked at a Formula E event and that he asked him the question was how he compared his retirement from Formula 1.

“I asked him how he compared the Formula 1 was. You have the feeling that you play with the height taken and then has spewed in that short time? It is a pretty brutal experience for me, how do you feel about that?”

“Vandoorne said: “The F1 is good, I have no problems with the F1. I have the feeling that McLaren on me chewed and me, then it has spewed out,’” says Priestley.

“I can see that Fernando quite a bit of attention has been on that team,” the Brit continued. “Unfortunately, Stoffel, who is a great rider, as the piper is paid for and got the feeling that he is second choice.”

“I suspect that if McLaren give him a role in the simulator would have offered, and it is also possible that they have done so behind the scenes, he is not adopted would have.”

“What Mercedes is concerned, it is perhaps a good opportunity to be back in Formula 1 to come in the future, who knows?”

“Now he does Formula E and enjoy he really. When I called him he said he really FE, he has not completely mastered but it has his love for the sport revived again.”

“To say that a lot of people when they are in the FE paddock will arrive,” concluded Priestley.

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