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Standard – Anderlecht is permanently shut down due to misconduct supporters

Standard led in the match against Anderlecht with 2-0, but the match will not be able to finish. By irregularities of the Anderlecht supporters was the match short for the rest permanently shut down.

Loses Anderlecht may have with 5-0, because the result is converted into a forfaitscore. The team is at risk in addition a heavy fine. The supporters of Anderlecht threw constantly with flares on the field.

The game was first shut down after the openingsdoelpunt of Standard. When Anderlecht defender Kara what later was excluded with a red card and the Standard with a penalty on 2-0 came, there was no stopping for the supporters.

A match that prematurely blown off is unique in the highest class and a blamage for Anderlecht that now anyway, to the playoffs begins with four defeats in a row. That Anderlecht four matches after each other verloiest, which is already of 1963 ago.

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