Posthumous number 1 for Paul Severs?

f313912ed5eb50a889409cdd5860c8e2 - Posthumous number 1 for Paul Severs?

The news that Paul Severs died, allows for additional downloads to iTunes. Wednesday morning at 8.30 o’clock to 7 times in the iTunes list of most popular songs. On 18, we find ‘I love you’, his first big hit ever and a true classic from the 70’s.
Also No wonder that I weep’ is doing well, is on 20. On 28 and 55 is the largest 10-hit single by Paul Severs and that was without a doubt ” Say “ns girl’. On 87 in the top 200 is the song ‘Sweet’, followed by ‘Say ‘ns girl’. iTunes put a number on several occasions in their lists because it’s time for another album. On 187 finally, ‘Oh Little Darling’.

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