Population turns against the army and goes again on the street in Sudan

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Sudanese demonstrators come together in Khartoum

The Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir is arrested and imprisoned. That the minister of Defence announced. A military council takes control, but the population is protesting.

The army, under the supervision of the current minister of Defence and lieutenant-general Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn-Auf, pull the power. After the afternoon, confirmed On the news of the arrest via a tv-speech.

The military council under the leadership of the Auf will be two years the country lead and in the meantime, free elections to prepare for. In the meantime, the constitution suspended and the state of emergency is declared. That will be three months in duration. The borders and the airport of Sudan have been provisionally closed.

Inhabitants of Khartoum were earlier today cheering on the street, because their protests have led to the arrest of al-Bashir. On social media circulated soon images of people that ‘the fall of the regime’ celebrated. The citizens went in droves to the headquarters of the army, where already on Thursday for the sixth day in a row campaign was conducted. But the euphoria didn’t last. The demonstrators demanded a transitional government and quick elections, and are not in agreement with the current seizure. There are again street protests underway, but by the state of emergency was also a curfew. It is to be seen how the new powers will respond.

The minister of Defence insisted during his tv speech that human rights would be respected, and called on the population on the precautions to take will be implemented. All political prisoners were released.

The new leader

It has therefore in all appearances that the lieutenant-general of Auf, the new strong man of Sudan. He is not a good figure. Auf by, inter alia, the United States accused of atrocities in the war in the state of Darfur, 15 years ago.He comes from the same circles as the deposed Bashir.

War crimes

The 75-year-old Bashir came thirty years ago to power through a military coup. His long reign is marked by war. When he seized power, was in Sudan in the middle of a civil war between the North and the South, a 22-year period.

In 2009, the International criminal Court in The Hague (ICC) arrest warrant against Bashir, for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Sudanese region of Darfur. It wasn’t Bashir the years thereafter freely to travel in Africa and continue to war fire.


The protests in Sudan were in the middle of december, after the government had decided to give the broodprijs to triple. The actions continued to persist, but it seemed that the last few weeks what is going to deemsteren. Since last Saturday, and the start of a sit-in for the legerhoofdkwartier, have the protests a new impetus.


Bashir called in February the state of emergency, dissolved the government and also had to know that he would resign as leader of his party, the National Congress Party (NCP), but the situation is not able to de-mine. The past few days had soldiers all the side of the demonstrators.

The Sudanese airspace was closed, making a plane of Brussels Airlines on their way to Rwanda rechtsomkeer had to make. ‘There was no other option than a return to Brussels,” says spokeswoman Kim Daenen. “There is no other authorised flight path’ to Rwanda by the Sudanese airspace. Also Friday and Saturday, has Brussels Airlines flights to Kigali on the agenda. That will continue until further notice on the planning. Also the flights by RwandAir between Brussels and Rwanda are currently as a ‘feature’ will be indicated on the vluchttabellen. The airspace of Sudan would certainly be up Friday afternoon, will remain closed.

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