Popular party band, Swoop, unveils new line-up

d0a5314609d7e7f72ff6ab7efb8cfb67 - Popular party band, Swoop, unveils new line-up

Wednesday night was during the recording of ‘De Vlaamse Top 10 MENT’ in the Plopsa Theater in De Panne, the new composition of one of the Most popular partybands Swoop to the outside world are revealed.

Kim, Nathalie and Dorien say their life as a Swoopgirl goodbye and give the torch to Joyce, Yenna and Aurélie who, in their turn, are welcomed by ‘ancien’ Eve.

Wednesday if the new SWOOP for ’t first inauguration on TV, the real baptism of fire is, however, upcoming Friday, april 12, Swoop is first in new line-up in Basel. Also for manager Patrick Vandewattijne, these are exciting times, he is relieved that the group is once again complete and there is 5 people on stage, who excel in singing, dancing as entertain.

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