Phara de Aguirre shocks own children

48c99f73d2e9a259481ebbac566aedf2 - Phara de Aguirre shocks own children

Phara de Aguirre is for Steven Van Herreweghe the queen of interpretation. As a journalist it is her job to get everything to fit, and that makes them usually beautiful. Nevertheless, it took Steven a clip back which they without any explanation to her children and five other teenagers to explicit sex and violent scenes to see.

Phara de Aguirre: “I had a report to make for the Matter. If you children and their friends in the house, you ask whether you them to use for an experiment.”

In 1996, Phara applicable in the case of a report about warning symbols on tv programs: they are suitable for eyes of the child? They are interviewed before her own children and left them unfiltered, violence and sex. Had they properly thought about it?
Kürt Rogiers was almost the announcer on the public broadcasting channel

For the ninth time in a row is called a VTM-figurehead viewers welcome in the general public. Those who recognized him? It is Kürt Rogiers! It differed not much or he was announcer on TV2. Steven gives him tonight a second chance.

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