Paul Severs died

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Bad news about Paul Severs, which has for some time been as good as was inevitable, has happened: the singer is at the age of 70 died. That leaves his son Christophe to know.

“Today, Tuesday 9 april 2019, is my father, grandfather, Eline and Maxim, brother of 6, the everlasting team-mate and only love of my mother, passed away. After about 4 weeks of intense battle has Halle/Huizingen, belgium-Flanders, but also Belgium, an ever-friendly and humble singer is lost. He is still a “regular guy” stayed true to many people to looked up, and a colleague where many artists sincere respect for had.

The doctors in Erasmus have done their utmost but the brain damage that he suffered during the fall from his bicycle caused by a massive heart attack – was every day worse. The subsequent several complications have inevitably to his regrettable death led.

Mama is strong, but at the same time emotionally exhausted. I realize that you, all of you words of comfort to offer, especially because they do not publicly want to express since the start of the hospitalization, but still I ask you all her privacy continue to be respected. I ask her, anyway, enough about the massive, facebook-comments, and she is immensely grateful for what you do. May I you to ask her the time to award this immensely heavy blow to be able to process and to grieve.

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