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Painful thuisnederlaag for Anderlecht, zero to nine in Play-off 1

fccf11c77fc8ea745b34923be6749e8d - Painful thuisnederlaag for Anderlecht, zero to nine in Play-off 1

After three matches in Play-off 1 has the proud Anderlecht still can’t win. Antwerp succeeded to the purple & white to beat. 1-2, thanks to Dieumerci Mbokani. Just he still. Immediately after the goal there rose a cynical applause from the astrid park, followed by the shout ‘shame on you’. And that while The Great Old, should continue to dream of the Europa League.

‘ ’t Is here, Anderlecht, not F. C. The Champions.’ Best painful, you know, the banner that the Brussels spionkop just before the start of the second half to top up. But what did they mean? It Was a criticism on the football of trainer Oscar Rutten, a tap on the fingers for the last time flaterende Xavier Didillon, or simply a recognition of the direction of the policy of Marcske Coucke? All of those options.

Sick Van Damme

Anderlecht went once again back in Play-off 1. After defeats against Genk and Club Brugge was Antwerp to be strong. Trainer Rutten had in advance of, however, expressed the confidence in the team that the blue-and-black last Thursday, the second half had a difficult. Only Najar came in the place of appiah notes. At Antwerp lacked Van Damme by disease, Owusu was compared to the victory against Genk then again the preference for the Baby. It was the visitors who vurigst the match started. Lamkel Zé threatened soon with a dangerous trap and in the connecting corner tested Arslanagic the reflexes of Didillon. The astrid park was startled, but recovered quickly. The home team claimed, after all, immediately after that Antwerp’s warning of possession, but really a lot of great opportunities this presented. Don’t miss this opportunity for Gerkens on the cross of Amuzu, yes, but beyond that? No, nothing spectacular. Antwerp showed little, ate a sandwich from his trusted egelstelling where the man-on-man played on the midfield and had very little problems with the fact that the ball, especially in Brussels, grades sat.

Until that goal.

To Kums with a quick free-kick Najar achieved that – without any pressure from the dormant Mbokani and Refaelov – Gerkens found. This time it was his attempt, within. Anderlecht seemed to have left, but Bölöni grip immediately tactical. He drew Owusu way of the flank and put him with Mbokani in the rush of what almost instant result. Mbokani – behind Owusu went to play – got the ball in midfield and sent Lamkel Zé deep that the ball expertly into the net and deposited. With 1-1 went both teams to the locker rooms.

Mbokani still

Rutten took a break of Lawrence to the side – for Bornauw – and spent twenty minutes after the rest also Santini in the team. Anderlecht had the time to do this, after all, hardly anything is created, also because Bölöni after the equalizer, again with one deep striker was going to play, and for greater certainty had chosen. Maybe too much. Arranged seemed to Antwerp the opportunity to get to a good attack, but by a lack of manpower in the front that never really. To thick rice minutes before time. To Antwerp really agree with five men could be expected to. Mbokani found Lamkel Zé, who found the pole, but in the rebound it was the Congolese ex-striker of purple and white certainly is accurate. Apologetically he raised up the arms, bedankend and at the same time cynical to the private players responded to the Astridpark with applause. 1-2 would also be the final standings. Never previously started Anderlecht with a 0 to 9 to PO1. And never before showed Anderlecht in PO1 talk as bad as this year. Purple and white is simply the kneusje of the top six. That is the comparison with F. C. The Champions once again.

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