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On 30.05.2019 TRON network Upgrade to 100-times scalability

4ef6654240ab7aad89b52aad943ad071 - On 30.05.2019 TRON network Upgrade to 100-times scalability

On 30.05.2019 TRON network Upgrade to 100-times scalability

Home News On the 30.05.2019 receives TRON network Upgrade to 100-times scalability

Marcel Knobloch –

The arch-enemy number one of Ethereum, TRON, soon a network Upgrade, the scalability will increase 100-fold. The Testnet is supposed to go in the second half in may live and the new Features in the practice test.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, revealed new plans of the company describing the implementation of the Sun network, the new scaling solution for TRON. As a result, the transaction capacity and scalability will be greatly increased.

Sun was already a few weeks ago the rumors in the world that the TRON network milestone is a crucial. On 30.05.2019 the Testnet will be launched in the Second-Layer-scaling solution should be implemented.

According to the official media Post by TRON this Release is the first of three phases of the Blockchain in the next time. Here, the Sidechain-Smart-Contracts are integrated, which provide a greater degree of decentralisation and further reduction of transaction costs. In the second Phase the infrastructure will be fundamentally revised, so that additional Side-Chain extensions can be used. From the 15.09.2019 TRON will start with the optimization of the network. The focus is on a simple and quicker user interface and interaction with the network.

During a podcast with “Crypto Chick” indicated Justin Sun that he will work precluded in the future with developers of the Ethereum Ecosystem together on projects. This could still take place this year, but he holds back at this statement with the information. Furthermore, the Start of the TRON Tether stablecoins is imminent. The introduction of the TRC20-based USDT will be a Tether, the seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization fully with the existing protocols of TRON, including decentralized applications (DApps) are compatible.The aim is to simplify the larger companies and institutional investors access to the TRON network, and the usability is strong.

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