No marriage for Tinne Oltmans?

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Tinne Oltmans will soon be in the Flemish version of the succesmusical Mamma Mia. The actress crouches there in the skin of Sophie, a bride to be that a very romantic view of marriage. But that is for Tinne Oltmans, however, a little different…

Tinne Oltmans we all know thanks to her role in the Teen-series Ghost Rockers and thanks to her very successful career in Steracteur Sterartiest where she was. And in addition to the Mamma Mia musical is more in the pipeline for Tin, but a marriage? That is not standing immediately to the planning. On the contrary. Tinne Oltmans touring this summer one last time with the Ghost Rockers, will also perform with her own band, Pinnacle & The Oltmans and also has a roll of film to tackle. But about that last may, they have had nothing to say. A marriage with her boyfriend, Juan Gerlo is, however, not a priority.

In contrast to her Mamma Mia character Sophie has Tinne Oltmans no romantic image of marriage. “For me, don’t,” says Tinne in Day All. “Whether you’re sixty years or sixty years of marriage, that is, today, still, all the same,” says Tinne. Although. There is however, one fun aspect of marriage that Tin just don’t want to miss. “All I would like to, for the stunning wedding dress,” laughs Tinne Oltmans. But how does her friend Juan Gerlo about marriage?

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