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Newsflash: Tom Lee says Bitcoin whales are back, Litecoin Lightning Update, Tron USDT – Coin Hero

Newsflash: Tom Lee says Bitcoin whales are back, Litecoin Lightning Update, Tron USDT

Home News Newsflash: Tom Lee says Bitcoin whales are back, Litecoin Lightning Update, Tron USDT

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In the following you will get an Overview of the latest news from the crypto scene.


Fund-Analyst and Bitcoin-bull Tom Lee recently told Bloomberg that he believes that Bitcoin is currently in a bull market. In the Interview, Lee called global macro-economic factors and the “True Buying” Bitcoin whales as the two factors for the recent reversal of the trend.

At the beginning of this year, you can bet that the wind from the back is not developed, because the Dollar was stronger. And a lot of people are now thinking that the Dollar could be weaker – this is a tailwind. And the Yuan has recovered strongly – this is China. This is bullish for crypto, because the correlation is so high. […] We have evidence that the OGs and the whales, the original owner of crypto, collect. Many have sold up until the beginning of 2018.

Lee cited new data from the crypto-company, Cumberland, last week, an outbreak of large Bitcoin purchase orders pending. According to Lee, the Figures show that the “death of Bitcoin” is greatly exaggerated.

Most of the people who were skeptical of crypto and the decline of the last year witnessed, in just said: “Look, Bitcoin is dead. It is on the way to Zero, because it is decreased by 90%. But an Instrument, to draw on its 200-day period, and it can hold, is now in a bull trend. So I think that needs to change the mood, because Bitcoin is currently still in a bull market.


The Singapore-based crypto-exchange Coinut has recently released a new Update on the Lightning Network of Litecoin. The Layer-2-scale solution was developed in order to increase the speed of Litecoin drastically and reduce the cost of transactions.

Currently, there are about 182 Litecoin Lightning Nodes and 1.285 payment channels. The entire network capacity is 288 LTC. The capacity is thus still relatively low compared to the Bitcoin Lightning Network. In the last 30 days, however, there was a steady growth. The number of Nodes to 12,35% is increased, the number of channels by 24.5% and the network capacity by 102%.


The new partnership of Tron with a Tether starts today. Tether is today introducing its USDT-Stablecoin in the network of Tron. The Stablecoin will support Tron’s growing network of decentralised applications, including its popular DApps for games and gambling. The following is an interesting comparison of Tron to the “old” Omni-Protocol:

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