Netanyahu officially as the victor crowned

625d819856f531264f0fcf298907a3b9 - Netanyahu officially as the victor crowned

Benjamin Netanyahu and his conservative Likoed-party elections of Tuesday officially won. That has the election commission Thursday night, after all the votes are counted, were announced.

Likoed won 36 of the 120 seats in parliament. The centrumcoalitie Blue and White of Benny Gantz won 35 seats. The final results will be on 17 april and is to be published,enmeldt news agency Belga. With the support of his current coalition partners achieves Netanyahu a majority of 65 of the 120 seats in the Knesset.

With various ultra-orthodox and ultra-nationalist parties has Netanyahu already a pre-agreement settled, he promised earlier, a quick government formation. Under Netanyahu’s natural allies are the ultra-orthodox parties Shas and United Torah Judaism, each with eight seats, and five seats for the alliance ‘United Right’ – an extreme right-wing and religious group.

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