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NBA-icon Dirk Nowitzki announced after 30 points in last ” home farewell, Barack Obama says goodbye to Dwyane Wade

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The German Dirk Nowitzki, the fifth best shooter in the NBA history, set after 21 seasons in the jersey of Dallas Mavericks a point behind his career, and was the year Nowitzki Tuesday announced after the last home game of the season for the Mavericks against the Phoenix Suns. Therein took out Dallas with 120-109 and took Nowitzki still thirty points for his account.

“As you might expect, this was my last match in this stadium”, had the German NBA all-star record in the American Airlines Center. Afterwards, had the Mavericks a tribute organized and challenged former stars such as Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird. “It was an extraordinary adventure.”

Wednesday will also follow the move to the San Antonio Spurs in the last game of the season and then it is all over for Nowitzki. “I want one last time to play and enjoy. After that can my life begin”, he concluded.

Dirk Nowitzki experienced in 2011, the peak in his NBA career when he was with the Dallas Mavericks to the NBA title won. In 2007, he was the first and until now also the only European ever voted MVP.

Also Dwyane Wade takes leave of the audience in Miami

Dwyane Wade, played his last home game of his NBA career. And he also did so in style: he led the Miami Heat by 30 points to a 122-99 victory at the Philadelphia 76ers. With his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, in the tribune, he let his second-highest score of the season record.

On Twitter congratulated former president Barack Obama Wade with his career:

But it was a bittersweet night for the Heat, which is to be disabled for the playoffs because the Detroit Pistons have a backlog of 22 points goedmaakten and the Memphis Grizzlies knocked. For the third time in the last five years manages to Miami in order to qualify for the play-offs. A stark contrast with the four Eastern Conference titles and two NBA championships with stars like LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

Wade, who at the age of 37 retiring, his career Wednesday final to end after the away game at the Brooklyn Nets.

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