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Milestone: Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading on a regulated stock exchange introduced

Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading on a regulated stock exchange JSE is soon to launch

Home News Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading on a regulated stock exchange JSE is soon to launch

Marcel Knobloch –

The adaptation of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is on the rise worldwide, although critics of the industry speak once again of a bubble. The stock exchange of Jamaica has announced plans to integrate crypto currencies in their trade and therefore accessible to companies from all over the world.

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) has announced that it is to start trading with crypto-currencies. This should, however, be for the time being tested in cooperation with the Fintech company block station in a time-limited pilot trial in detail. The JSE wants to be one of the first regulated stock exchanges in the world, the values of the digital is Displayed, and Security Tokens. The list of innovative exchanges, the offer in addition to traditional Assets, files, and raw materials, also crypto-currencies for Trading. The official press release States that a framework contract has been concluded between the two companies (freely translated):

The JSE and the block station signed the framework contract after a successful Live Trading pilot project, in which the Broker-Dealer members of the JSE and the Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD).

Marlene Street-Forest, CEO of the JSE, is pleased to be able to the product range, and with the Trend of the time go (freely translated):

This is an unprecedented opportunity for the JSE to diversify their product offerings and new Listings, and Inbound-to attract investment. We welcome private investors and companies, both locally and worldwide, to trade digital assets in a secure, efficient and transparent legal framework.

Furthermore, the JSE has entered into a contract for the next seven years, to be able to have the market surveillance technology from Nasdaq (SMARTS). The technologies of Nasdaq, was developed to improve the product and services on a regional and global level. Through the use of new products can be offered, the current trading opportunities and the latency of order processing can be significantly shortened.

Already in February of this year, the Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE), the Blockchain technology and crypto-currencies have to offer. In the same way as the JSE, the BSE works with a block station, in order to develop commercial solutions for STOs and digital assets.

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