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“Michael Schumacher knew no bounds”

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This coming weekend is in China the thousandth race in the history of the F1 contests. In ‘Autobild’, they found that a good reason to get together with former F1-pope, Bernie Ecclestone once back.

Bernie Ecclestone has, as it were, an institution in Formula 1. He may have as many opponents as proponents, this is not to deny that he means so much for the sport. In an interview with the German Autobild looks at the meanwhile, 88-year-old Brit back.

As is asked of him to the best rider of all times, replied Ecclestone: “Ayrton Senna was special, but if I really must choose, then I choose Alain Prost, ‘the professor.’ He had many more titles can be won than the four that he has, he has had some bad luck. In addition, he also has extremely strong teammates had such as Senna or Lauda.”

The choice for Alain Prost as the best of all times is strange to call, what with Michael Schumacher, with seven world titles?

“Michael has undoubtedly set a new standard laid,” Ecclestone continued. “His problem was that he had no boundaries knew, therefore, happened things like in Jerez 1997 and Monaco 2006. That incident brought a lot of publicity but not necessarily the kind that we wanted.”

“His comeback with Mercedes was good for F1, but not for himself. That’s what I mean by boundaries that he himself did not know.”

Sebastian Vettel is according to Ecclestone to be underestimated. He has the league in his DNA, just like the riders that in the past had, according to the Brit.

“All of when I asked him the first time saw the work during the vrijdagtraining in Turkey in 2006, I knew it already. I could it in his eyes,” said Ecclestone.

“Formula 1 has a Vettel needed that win, he will fight back from the situation in which he now is. I also see no reason why, in addition to Lewis Hamilton Sebastian Vettel no, seven titles would be able to win, just like Michael Schumacher,” concluded Ecclestone.

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