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Metoo-accusations deliver Geoffrey Rush hefty compensation

99091e534050a3a9ee0843568ad36dc6 - Metoo-accusations deliver Geoffrey Rush hefty compensation

An Australian newspaper that actor Geoffrey Rush accused of misconduct, should he now at least 850.000 Australian dollar to pay damages.

The Daily Telegraph picked up in October 2017, with a front-page article that Rush tegenspeelster Eryn Jean Norvill several times had groped during rehearsals and performances of the play King Lear in Sydney, in 2015 and 2016. The article appeared shortly after the scandal around Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was begun.

Rush, who in 1997 won an Oscar for his role in Shine, denied all the allegations and won a publisher’s News Corp for the court because the newspaper, his reputation has been destroyed. According to the 67-year-old actor has the newspaper was ” false and degrading statements made, and that is unnecessarily magnified by them on the front page’.

In the article of the Daily Telegraph was Rush among others, described as a ‘pervert’ and a ‘sexual predator’. Because he since the publication a lot of revenue lost saw, he demanded millions of compensation.

In the process, that at the end of last year took place, told Norvill again her story, but the judge found the statement of the director Neil Armfield more reliable. Armfield said that he was at all the rehearsals, was present, and never wrong behavior of Rush noticed. Also other actors from the piece spoke in favor of Rush.

In its ruling referred to the court the newspaper article ” a reckless, irresponsible piece of sensational journalism’ and be Rush 850.000 Australian dollar compensation, more than half a million euros. That amount, however, may still sharply rise, because Rush should also be compensated for lost revenue by the article.

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