May plays renewals, but will the EU still be as fast as possible to leave

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Theresa May has a deferral to October 31, on the pocket for the Brexit, but the British prime minister insists that the United Kingdom, the European Union as quickly as possible should leave with an agreement.

The European leaders are prepared, the British have until 31 October to give with an agreement from the European Union. That they decided Wednesday night after a long deliberation in Brussels. The British had to promise the internal functioning of the EU during the delay will not undermine, and that they, if necessary, at the end of may, European elections will be organised.

In addition, the postponement flexible: adopt the Uk parliament Brexitdeal well, they can the Union immediately leave.

May is satisfied, even though it had a shorter delay to June 30, prompted. “If the agreement before the end of October is approved by the United Kingdom from the EU steps. As that in the first three weeks of may, then we can already on 1 June the EU to leave, ” she said after the meeting at a press conference.

She must be British parliament to encourage a Brexitakkoord to approve it.

May is of plan members in the house today to speak about the details of the agreement. In the meantime, she will continue the talks with opposition party Labour to continue. ‘That will not be easy, but we have a responsibility as politicians to break the deadlock, ” she says.

The British prime minister also promised that Britain, for the postponement of the obligations, and loyal will to work together.

Absolute deadline?

How the Brexit now continue being tackled ‘is completely in the hands of the United Kingdom’, said European Council president Donald Tusk at a press conference after the summit.

The British may have provided for them time also use it to change strategies, which would lead to the political statement that the accord is attached, is adjusted. The agreement itself can not be changed. ‘That would be the Irish backstop in danger”, explained commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

The United Kingdom has also still the possibility of Brexit as a whole to blow up, said Tusk.

On demand or October 31, the absolute deadline is for the Brexit and new delay no longer will be possible, could, or wanted to Tusk and Juncker will not answer in the affirmative. “We are more than willing to continue,” said Juncker.

Not coincidentally, October 31 is also the day on which the mandate of his Commission expires. “We are going to that day, certainly no night negotiation,” joked the gradually chasing President. ‘Because that would mean that I at midnight the meeting must leave.’

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