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Mathieu van der Poels-publicized white koersbroek was a tactical move

The white koersbroek that the Dutch champion wore during the Tour of Flanders, was dismissed as a stijlblunder, while according to the father of Mathieu van der Poel to be a ‘brilliant tactical move’.

From ‘disposal’ to ‘not done’: the white koersbroek of Mathieu van der Poel was little appreciation on the count at the Tour of Flanders. Also, Tom Boonen, was a categoriek opponent of the garment in Extra-Time course: “But alé away with it, hey!’

That van der Poel is not modeprijzen will win with his outfit, he will sausage creature, ” says his father, Adrie van der Poel, to The Telegraph. ‘It was a conscious choice of the brothers Roodhooft (the managers of Coredon-Cirus, ed.) for tactical reasons’, it sounds. “They had in Dwars door Vlaanderen seen that van der Poel on the images from the helicopter are difficult to distinguish was from Bob Jungles.’

With a white koersbroek they could Mathieu be much faster to recognize him through the koersradio the right tactical tips’, says father van der Poel. ‘I found that white koersbroek a brilliant move.’

Two days later drove (and won) Van der Poel in the Circuit Cycliste de la Sarthe’ also just in his black koersbroek since Jungels still not at the start appeared, and confusion, so no there could be.

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