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Liverpool and Chelsea condemn racist video to address the “bomber” Mo Salah

c772c42843bfee70e0d43ebfa5679ecf - Liverpool and Chelsea condemn racist video to address the “bomber” Mo Salah

Chelsea and Liverpool have Thursday evening the racist video that was addressed to Mo Salah violently condemned. The video appeared in the margin of the competition of Chelsea, Thursday night in the Europa League Slavia Prague (0-1), on social media.

In the video, singing different Chelsea supporters in a bar with the slogan: ‘Salah is a bomber’.

Liverpool responded to the video of “dangerous and disturbing”. The Reds won Tuesday, with Salah in the basis, their heenwedstrijd of the quarter-finals of the Champions League with 2-0 against FC Porto. “This behavior should not be tolerated.” Liverpool are working together with Chelsea and the police to the individuals who appear in the video, to identify.

Also Chelsea responded Thursday to the facts. Without the incident, naming the left the London club know “any discriminatory behaviour is terrible”. “We will be very strict measures against any person that such behavior manifested.”

According to the English press were three Chelsea supporters Thursday night in Prague all the access to the stadium will be denied, because of their presence in the movie. Also Chelsea-coach Maurizio Sarri left a note “to be satisfied with the strict decision of the club”.

Bad reputation

Chelsea-fans built in the past already had a nasty reputation in regards to discriminatory behavior. In december last year was Manchester City attacker Raheem Sterling is still racist in any way at Stamford Bridge. That same month ran a displacement in the Europa League to the Hungarian MOL Vidi out of hand because the Chelsea supporters antisemtische songs aanhiefen against their London rival Tottenham.

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