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Lewis Hamilton onttroont Michael Schumacher as the highest earning F1 pilot ever

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Since this season is Lewis Hamilton the best earned F1 pilot ever. Thus onttroont the 34-year-old Brit is none other than Michael Schumacher, the most successful F1 pilot ever.

Hamilton, who in 2007 his F1 debut with McLaren, made, obtained, so far, five world championship titles. That there are still two less than the ultimate record of Michael Schumacher. In terms of earnings should be Hamilton this F1 season, however, not more inferior to Schumacher.

According to the very reliable ‘Forbes’ would be the Mercedes F1 pilot in his entire F1 career for more than 489 million dollars have earned, which equates to around 433 million euro. Hamilton would have earned out of his salary and contractual bonuses, for example, to obtain a world title. Any additional income, such as, for example, his collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, to sit in that earnings are not yet included.

What is striking is that Lewis Hamilton in his F1-career, but in his thirteenth season in progress, where Schumacher his F1 career more than twenty years.

Forbes believes that Lewis Hamilton’s current contract with the Mercedes F1 team him this year, 40 million dollar results. The highest amount that Michael Schumacher on an annual basis earned, according to Forbes, in 1999 about 38 million dollars. Schumacher drove his fourth season for Ferrari and adjusted according to inflation, would today be more than that Lewis Hamilton’s current Mercedes deserves.

Top 10 best earned F1 pilots ever:
1. Lewis Hamilton (433 million euro)
2. Michael Schumacher (411 million euro)
3. Fernando Alonso (405 million euros)
4. Sebastian Vettel (317 million euros)
5. Kimi were times (293 million euro)
6. Jenson Button (130 million euros)
7. Ralf Schumacher (107 million euros)
8. Jacques Villeneuve (102 million euro)
9. Felipe Massa (97 million euro)
10. Rubens Barrichello (97 million euro)

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