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Lewis Hamilton is considering participation in Formula E

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Mercedes showed recently her future Formula E car. It is the intention that Mercedes next year for the first time participate in the electrical counterpart of the Formula 1. If we Hamilton may believe we see him in the near future, perhaps, in that racing series drive.

“It is something I already thought I did,” says Hamilton, as opposed to ‘The Sun’ . “up to now, was all about the Formula 1.”

“I am since my eight years in racing. I think I am having withdrawal symptoms would have when I the F1 exit, just like every other racer that suddenly stops.”

“There are still other things that you can do, I suspect that there are other race series in which I can participate. Fernando is doing the Indycar and Kimi were times is now also his limits to explore.”

Hamilton compares his situation with that Of Gary Paffett, who made the switch from the DTM to Formula E, where he is the team-mate of the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne.

“I’m in the same time period grew up as Gary Paffett,” said Hamilton. “He is a bit older than me and is racing currently in Formula E and that is now the future.”

“Who knows in the future maybe a racing series where my skills can use. When you get older the challenge, however, still greater, to find motivation and to stay focused. You should also see something to find what you love.”

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