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Lewis Hamilton defends great rival Sebastian Vettel: “It happens to us all”

40f16f237f9141da17a1486758012b88 - Lewis Hamilton defends great rival Sebastian Vettel: "It happens to us all"

According to Lewis Hamilton should the people who now criticize Sebastian Vettel always have to keep in mind that he has many more great races has driven than weak.

Sebastian Vettel was mainly by the Italian media to the slaughter after his weak race in Bahrain. The German had the full responsibility taken for his spin during a duel with Lewis Hamilton, but for some it was not more than a new episode in a series of different blunders.

Lewis Hamilton is that Vettel don’t deserve to be in such a way as to be settled on a pair of errors as you his entire career watching.

“It is not the case that it is really in your head but it happens to us all,” said Hamilton. “It’s not because you’re a four-time world champion is that you are not a bad weekends.”

“There is more to it. If you go to the career of Vettel looks he has a lot more knalprestaties has been placed to a much greater weighting than the bad races. His spin last weekend, for example, is but a footnote in the status that he in the meantime has built up and created.”

Even before his conscious pirouette made was Vettel in Bahrain’t really that good in his own skin, after a difficult qualifying, he had the pole position to his team mate Leclerc. It would be Hamilton, however, do not be surprised if the roll next time it is turned on a Ferrari.

“There are always moments where you fail to get the right setup for the car,” Hamilton continued. “You see all those little things that we do, and sometimes it doesn’t happen in a given weekend. The differences are so small and they seem to be so big.”

“I don’t know how their cars looked so different pace but if I look back at myself and Nico (Rosberg) we were during the test in Barcelona very quickly but during the race was, the difference is considerable. But during a other race was different.”

“I don’t know why but today it was his turn,” said Hamilton after the race. “But he is a world champion and a great athlete, he is recovering and will keep pushing.”

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