Last Knockouts are fought

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In the past two weeks was there in the Knockouts a lot sung and fought for a place in the Battles. That spots are very limited, is once again in the last Knockout episode on Friday, april 12. Only 7 tickets are still available for the 21 remaining talents. Who wins at the end of another one? Also the 4 steal-chairs are now all kept warm. Candidates can their seat to keep or are they at the last moment redeemed? After this last Knockouts, the 24 talents that will advance to the Battles known.

Team Alex kicks right off with a solid Knockout trio: vierdraaier Charline (22, Oostkamp), herkanser Matthias (27, Antwerp) and the energetic Nisrine (19, Oelegem). “This is hard work”, realize the youngest and least experienced of the gang. Nisrine choose a song where they both her powerful voice as her emotions can lose, Lost On You of LP. Matthias hopes that his previous Voice experience can help him to this time, however, the next round. He puts out Breathing of Oscar And The Wolf in a quirky jacket. Charline with her inseparable guitar on stage for LSD of Genius. “This choice, my heart will break,” said an emotional Alex.

Natalia put three men together: Piet (38, Tienen), Giovanni (42, Houthalen) and Miroslav (26, Ghent). The Blind Audition of Miroslav was a “memorable moment”, according to his coach. Can he again for magic in the studio with the Hello from Adele? Easy by the Commodores is anything but easy, know Piet, that the number is already many years of singing. Still, he hopes a Battle-ticket to redeem. Self-proclaimed macho Giovanni puts his best Italian up for the Gente Di Mare by Umberto Tozzi. Which of the three will be in the team, Natalia?

“This trio is for me the most difficult choice”, announces Bart even before the Knockout starts. He goes for the mystery of Maxim (18, Maldegem), the vocal power of Emily (22, Ertvelde), or the control of Karim (27, Berchem)? For Maxim, that the number Skin of Rag’n’Bone Man, and his English pronunciation is the biggest challenge. Emily needs to work on her podiumprésence for the poppy of 2002, Anne-Marie. Happy teaches Bart her some of his signature dance moves. For Karim it is a matter of his body language under control when Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. Alex confirms later: “It is apples to oranges”.

“The trio of girlpower”. That is the Knockout between Somalia (24, Antwerp), Amy (20, Willebroek) and Vanessa (38, Tongeren) from team Koen. During the Blind Auditions came to Amy’s family on the stage gospel singing, in the Knockouts should they only know how to shoot Let Praises Rise of Todd Galberth. American girl Somalia focuses Friday to God When You Believe by Withney Houston. “Less is more is for you invented,” says Koen about Vanessa. She has a bell of a voice, but that she will have to temper for the song I want To Know What Love Is of Mariah Carey.

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