‘Julian Assange will be extradition to USA legal challenge’

Julian Assange, founder of the klokkenluiderswebsite Wikileaks, is arrested in the embassy of Ecuador in London, where he worked the past seven years had hidden. A British judge has him found guilty of the violation of his borgvoorwaarden. The United States complain him for hacking and conspiracy with Chelsea Manning. According to the lawyer of Assange for his extradition challenge.

A pale Julian Assange with a beard was Thursday by at least seven men escorted from the embassy to a police car. Thursday afternoon, he already appeared before the court in Westminster. Assange was immediately convicted, because he was in 2012 to the Ecuadorian embassy in London, fled, when he was in Sweden was charged for rape. For that condemnation risk he was twelve months in prison.

Assange was, on his arrival at the police station also arrested on the basis of a Us arrest warrant. “It is a uitleveringsbevel according to article 73 of the British uitleveringswet.’

Thursday afternoon became more known on what charges the U.s. government against Assange addressed. He is, according to news agency Reuters accused of hacking and conspiracy with the American soldier Chelsea Manning. According to the Americans made Assange possible that Manning thousands of secret documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the stable documents published Assange, then, his platform Wikileaks, but therefore he is not indicted.

It is not yet clear whether Assange will actually be delivered. The Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno says that he is from Great Britain guarantees given that Assange will not be extradited to a country where he may torture or the death penalty is the risk. But with this indictment risking Assange, no death penalty, up to five years in prison. The British police do know that Assange was arrested “in the name of the American authorities’. The lawyer of Assange, Jennifer Robinson, announced that he is planning his extradition fight.

The British secretary of state for European Affairs and America Alan Duncan commented to Sky News: “It is our general policy, so it is also applicable in the case of Julian Assange, that he will not be extradited if he faces the death penalty.”

‘Our patience was on’

The police says that they Assange were arrested after they were ‘invited to the embassy, that the asylum for Assange has withdrawn’. President Moreno says in a video message why he took the decision to the asylum of Assange after six years and ten months to lift.


‘Assange was rude and aggressive, and several times break the rules’, what it sounds like. So if the Australian whistleblower not engage in international affairs, but there were clear indications that he still was involved in Wikileaks, says Moreno.

The list of transgressions is long: Assange would be under the surveillance cameras of the embassy have been blocked, guards abused and gesnuisterd have in files without permission, Moreno further. “Our patience was up.”

There were last week rumours that Ecuador Assange is no longer a shelter to offer, after Wikileaks in a series of documents would have leaked so Moreno ended up in a corruption scandal.

WikiLeaks itself reports on Twitter that Ecuador ‘illegal’ and ‘contrary to international law’ has put an end to the political asylum for Assange. The Ecuadorian ambassador has the police allowed in the embassy and Assange was arrested immediately, tweet WikiLeaks yet.

Swedish investigation re-opened?

Assange verschuilde since 2012 at the embassy for an arrest and extradition to Sweden for allegations of rape. The Swedish court has the research already dropping, but now Assange is arrested, are the cards different: the lawyer of the Swedish woman goes to the public prosecutor asking for the investigation into that case again to open it.

“We are going to do everything to ensure that the prosecutors, the Swedish research reopen and that Assange be transferred to Sweden in order to appear in court due to rape,” says advocate Elisabeth Maasiai Fritz.

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