Joke van de Velde draws at House of Entertainment

1d2ca1c5e6f2da48fe1f2d9b0edd833a - Joke van de Velde draws at House of Entertainment

It remains a buzz of activity at the House of Entertainment. After recently Kat Kerkhofs, Ianthe Tavernier and Annelien Coorevits a professional relationship entered into with the all-round entertainment company, with Joke van de Velde (Ghent), a Flemish fine for the ambitious home. In addition to her modelling work, is the former Miss Belgium, thanks to her multilingualism is also a sought after presenter, she shares her professional knowledge as a stylist for fashion and beautyshoots. Again, a solid injection girlpower in the portfolio of House of Entertainment, in which Staf Coppens, Mathias Vergels and Andy Peelman for the male counterpart to worry.

Pieter Ramboer, CEO House of Entertainment: “With Joke van de Velde we welcome once again a versatile and self-confident woman in our house. In the first instance we will go with our reservation department to work on its agenda to optimize. Joke speaks several languages, which makes her very interesting as a presenter and/or ambassador for companies and brands. She is also a sought-after model, has the necessary experience in radio and television, and also has organizational skills. Thus, it is not said that we at House of Entertainment very happy with the arrival of Joke and look forward to an undoubtedly fine cooperation.

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