Helge takes you to the beautiful Iceland

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Helge takes you to the beautiful IcelandHelge takes you to the beautiful Iceland

A few years ago, singer and composer Helge Slikker the plane to Iceland. Among other things, a piece of walked relationship was the reason that he’s some peace and quiet could use.

Once we arrived in Iceland, and sparked the love for the amazing country soon. That has resulted in a series of songs. Later this year the album Polar, and now there is the tour Shaft. In the Small Comedy was the premiere of the piece. Together with producer Dave Menkehorst brings Helge in a beautiful narrative way the new songs.


The implementation is on paper very simple, but thanks to the beautiful music and the strong story is the a particularly whole. As soon as Helge drive away from Reykjavik in order clockwise around the island to travel, the story begins to get going. If you have ever in Iceland, and has been, to recognize the descriptions of nature and people. Who never was, will probably be after the show reiskriebels.

The strength of Axis. is in the combination of words and music. For the background is actually not much more than what projections of images of Iceland. The story has a head and a tail, and Helge can not only fine music writing, but also very beautiful story to tell. Now take the equation in which he for the first time to see the Northern lights compared with the first see of the tape, with the famous concert of Pink Floyd in Venice.


Pink Floyd, and David Gilmour in particular, return again later in the story. At that moment, fantasy and reality violently by each other. It turns out the finale of a story that we actually all know. A hero goes on a journey and struggles along the way with monsters and demons from the past and also meets a mysterious lady at the end as a better and stronger man to return. Also Helge underwent this journey and takes the visitor.

Axis. until the end of april to see it in theatres in the Netherlands. The album with the songs follows in the autumn. Helge took this album in Iceland, in the studio of Sigur Rós. The first single of the album called Home is now available to listen to.

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