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Grows something between Max Verstappen and the Mercedes F1 team?

2ffa50ef07d29bbb03f35e7ae7fe1867 - Grows something between Max Verstappen and the Mercedes F1 team?

At the end of this year the agreement between Valtteri Bottas and Mercedes at the end. Is Max Verstappen contender on a seat next to Lewis Hamilton at the Zilverpijlen?

Max Verstappen still has a contract with Red Bull until 2021 but the Dutchman has a opstapclausule in his contract. If that clause is exercised is can Verstappen already from 2020 onwards, started to work for another team.

That coupled with the fact that the contract of Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas ends at the end of the year is already enough fodder for speculation that Verstappen next year, a move to the legendary brand with the star would be able to make.

Also, Red Bull Motorsport chief Dr Helmut Marko is aware of this fact.

“Toto Wolff remains him and his father Jos to call,” said the Austrian, as opposed to ‘Autobild.’ “Been months, but I have confidence in. That prestatieclausule is there in the contract of Max but he feels well with us and if it is world cup-worthy material can give I don’t worry that he stays.”

In that world cup-worthy material has Marko confident, there are the foundations for placed during the two test days in Bahrain.

“That test were very good and revealing. We have the problems of the race weekend, may appoint and can take action. Our car has substantially more traction is needed.”

At this moment Max Verstappen in third place in the championship, behind the Mercedes drivers. Also in the championship for the constructors is Red Bull in third place, this is where the Mercedes and Ferrari for;.

Those places in the championship might be of interest to the opstapclausule in the contract of Verstappen. Sebastian Vettel had in 2014 a similar contract with Red Bull.

If Vettel at the end of september in third place or higher in the championship would be his contract automatically renewed. However, that was not the case, and the German could be clause lights and the direction of Ferrari to leave.

Will probably the clause in the case of Verstappen, however, are a bit more complicated, Red Bull will be lessons drawn from the past. At Mercedes, they have other irons in the fire. A contract extension of Bottas is not at all excluded and promoting third driver Esteban Ocon is also still possible.

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