For the love of Music launches new cargo hits off

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Love for Music is getting ready for a new topeditie, the fifth already. Jan Leyers sums it up nicely: “for the Love of music is a concept that is at once so ingenious and simple that you wonder why no one ever before has thought of. You take 7 musicians and asks them: play a song from each of the peers, but do your own thing.” And that they do that. The colourful company of 6 soloartiesten and a cabaret-duo warms up the votes for an unforgettable musical adventure.

Laura Tesoro, Ilse de lange, Stef Kamil Carlens, Bart Kaëll, Kommil Foo, Jan Leyers and Milow went this year to Seville to each other’s repertoire to cover. The artists have their mark in the music world, earned it, both on the national and international levels. The most diverse of musical genres this season to the fore with a surprising mix of pop, cabaret, country, rock and schlager. The artists know each song to their hand and conjure up the covers more than once to get to the numbers they were able to cast.

Surprising covers and kippenvelmomenten are already insured. That Love for Music is really what brings about on a musical level, season after season, clearly. The previous edition is no exception. Conquer Me by Niels Destadsbader was rewarded with a Hit and Niels was also the great slokop on the MIA’s. The hits of all artists stormed the charts, and until today is still played live on their concerts.

Also, the artists of this season are eager for musical fireworks. In the beautiful Hacienda de Orán dipping them for a week in a warm bath of music. The “keischone” Hacienda speaks to the imagination of the artists. The “wauws” are not count, and Bart feels right in a film: “here comes Zorro on his horse”.

In the first episode, Bart Kaëll central. For the artists hits enough to choose from. Hits by everyone loudly to be sung. Are schlagergenre differs from that of his fellow-artists, and therefore Bart is very nervous for his day. “I hope that the soul of my songs is maintained, but in particular, I have me under control will be able to keep, stemtechnisch, but also emotionally.” The nerves do Bart also some secrets to reveal. Such as, for example, how he and his artist name has come up.

Jan Leyers has the honour of being the evening time to kick. He takes “the other song about water” under the hands, The Marie-Louise. Bart can not fail to see the funny history of the song to tell. He knew of the original immediately that the hit was going to be and think the same of the version of Jan. That makes it a nostalgic westernversie of which Bart immediately to tears, moves.

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