Fertiliteitsarts begat 49 donorkinderen with own seed

9f74a7f51c50d8ab5f2b75c3e97f7ab1 - Fertiliteitsarts begat 49 donorkinderen with own seed

The Dutch fertiliteitsarts Jan Karbaat has secretly a total of 49 children with his own sperm conceived. The donorkinderen have been told after the completion of the DNA testing.

The probable donorkinderen had in February through the district court in Rotterdam for them a comparison with the DNA of Karbaat could make to have certainty about their ancestry.

This ‘Karbaatkinderen’ already had a match through the DNA of a legitimate son of the doctor. They, however, wanted a final assurance to obtain the specimens of Karbaat itself, which after his death was kept safe. His widow wanted to do not give their consent.

The donorkinderen through the children’s fund Defence for children know that they are happy that there is an end to the years of turmoil and uncertainty that Karbaat has caused within families. The result, according to plaintiffs, the serious suspicions confirmed that the doctor his own semen used for the artificial insemination of dozens of women. They did not know.

Karbaat himself, who in april 2017 at the age of 89 died, has never admitted it.

Just before his death, there was a group of donorkinderen and their parents to the judge stepped to information to enforce on their origin. It succeeded them to the DNA of Karbaat safe.

The doctor, who under more women insemineerde in his private practice in Romford, also had 22 own recognized children.

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