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Ferrari team boss after drama in Bahrain: “It is not always easy”

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Mattia Binotto, the new-fangled team boss of the Ferrari F1 team, should also worry about his new rijdersduo and the Italian admits that this is not always easy, because they’re both very ambitious.

The GP of Bahrain was undoubtedly a bitter pill to swallow for Mattia Binotto. The weekend started out well and at the start of the race and colored the first weekend scarlet. But by individual errors and technical defects, there was at the end of the ride, not more than a third place for Leclerc, and a fifth place for Vettel.

Binotto takes it for his riders, he praises Leclerc for his great performance and his first podium. Sebastian Vettel in the eye of an Italian media frenzy, the townspeople may also have the support of his new team boss count.

“It’s not easy when you’re on the track to compete, we take no blame,” takes the Italian Vettel in protection.

At the start knew Sebastian Vettel Leclerc the lead of the race into parting with but a few laps later, the young Monegask back and passed Vettel. With that maneuver went the sporting activities and there was Binotto very excited about it because he knows that both riders are very demanding for himself.

“Of course, I must as team boss is also my riders manage, that was in my previous function is not so. That is not always easy, they are both very ambitious. But I think that is also good is because it is important that we have the right fighting spirit in the team and also the riders.”

The Italian also tells him that the important thing is that Vettel knows that he has the confidence of the team enjoy.

“We give everything to make him feel good to give, but according to me it is even more important that we give him a good car. In the end, everything works better with a good and fast car.”

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