FC Emmen to lead in NAC Breda in degradatiekraker

1267d6a40741b15ddabf75cb80efb8de - FC Emmen to lead in NAC Breda in degradatiekraker

FC Emmen to lead in NAC Breda in degradatiekraker

April 12, 2019 19:41
12-04-19 19:41
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In the Eredivisie on Friday the match between NAC Breda and FC Emmen on the program. Both clubs fight against relegation. In the Kitchen Champion Division are also eight games played. Under more leader FC Twente in action. All matches will be started at 20.00 hours. Follow everything in our liveblog.

  • Eredivisie:
  • NAC-FC Emmen (0-1)
  • Also eight duels in KKD

NAC-FC Emmen · one minute geleden28′ There is almost 0-2 for FC Emmen! A free-kick from Cavlan is on the beautiful manner Of Doctrine from the corner tap.NAC-FC Emmen · 4 minutes geleden25 ” 0-1 FC Emmen is obviously a big blow for NAC Breda, that there has not yet been able to really risk to be founded for the purpose of visitors.Kitchen Champion Division · 7 minutes geledenHalverwege the first half, there are all the necessary goals cases in the Kitchen Champion Division. An overview of the performances:

  • FC Dordrecht-MVV 1-0
  • NEC-Helmond Sport 0-1
  • FC Twente-Telstar 1-0
  • FC Volendam-Jong PSV 0-1
  • SC Cambuur-Jong FC Utrecht 1-0
  • FC Eindhoven-Roda JC 1-1
  • Young AZ-RKC Waalwijk 0-1
  • Almere City-FC Den Bosch 0-0

NAC-FC Emmen · 9 minutes ago

That’s a big boost for the formation of Dick Lukkien. FC Emmen climbs virtually to the fourteenth place in the ranking with a lead of ten points at NAC Breda.NAC-FC Emmen · 14 minutes ago,16′ GOAL FC Emmen! 0-1

The visitors strike first in Breda! Luciano Slagveer is sent away by Anco Jansen and slide the ball through the legs of goalkeeper Benjamin van Leer.Kitchen Champion Division · 17 minutes ago15′ GOAL FC Twente! 1-0

There is finally a lead for the front-runner, that the last two duels lost. Rafik Zekhnini put FC Twente on 1-0 after an error in the construction of Telstar.NAC-FC Emmen · 18 minutes ago

Only been in form for both clubs in a difficult duel. NAC Breda won on december 22, 2018 the last thuisduel (4-2 against sc Heerenveen) and the last victory of FC Emmen outdoors was on January 26 (2-3 against VVV).NAC-FC Emmen · 23 minutes geleden7′ We have no opportunities seen in the early stages of this duel. The voltage will also be at the players surely felt. Especially for NAC Breda it is a battle that must be won.Kitchen Champion Division · 28 minutes geledenOok in the Kitchen Champion Division rolls the ball. These eight duels on the go:

  • FC Dordrecht-MVV
  • NEC-Helmond Sport
  • FC Twente-Telstar
  • FC Volendam-Jong PSV
  • SC Cambuur-Jong FC Utrecht
  • FC Eindhoven-Roda JC
  • Young AZ-RKC Waalwijk
  • Almere City-FC Den Bosch

NAC-FC Emmen · 29 minutes ago1′ The ball is rolling in Breda! Who takes the important points in fight against relegation?NAC-FC Emmen · 32 minutes geledenDe teams come onto the field in Breda! The atmosphere is great. Can the players that also deliver on the field?NAC-FC Emmen · 38 minutes ago

Earlier this season, on november 10, 2018, won, FC Emmen at home with 2-0 from NAC Breda thanks to goals from Caner Cavlan and Jafar Arias.NAC-FC Emmen · one hour geledenOver a quarter of an hour we are going to start in Breda with the cracker between NAC and FC Emmen. The players are busy with the warm-up.NAC-FC Emmen · one hour geledenWat is tonight in Breda?

  • Gain NAC
  • Tie
  • Profit FC Emmen

Kitchen Champion Division · 2 hour geledenDe numbers two and three (Sparta and Go Ahead) play tonight, but the leader is still in action. With these names begins FC Twente to the duel with Telstar in the netherlands.

🔴 The line-up for tonight ⚽
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AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen18:43 – 12 april 2019NAC-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

The lineups of both teams are known! We’ll kick at 20: 00 in Breda.

NAC: Leather; Karami, Koch, Palmer-Brown, Of Anholt; El Allouchi, Lundqvist, Kali; Rosheuvel, Peace, Short.

FC Emmen: Sharpen; Axe, Cooper, Baker, Cavlan; Ben Moussa, The Lion, Chacon; Slagveer, Arias, Jansen.Kitchen Champion Division · 2 hours ago

‘Jonk new trainer Volendam’
Wim Jonk is that from next season the coach of FC Volendam, reports VI. The 52-year-old former international is the successor of Hans the King, that since October, the interim coach is. Jonk left in 2015 at Ajax, where he is a youth coach was, and had since then not a club. Jonk is no stranger to the North Holland club. The former midfielder began his career in 1986 at Volendam and played there two seasons.NAC-FC Emmen · 2 hours geledenNog a short two hours to the kick-off in Breda.

🏟 | The battle of tonight, our own Rat Verlegh Stadium.
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AuteurNAC Breda 💛🖤Time of plaatsen18:06 – 12 april 2019NAC-FC Emmen · 4 hours geledenDit is the stand in the basement of the Eredivisie:

14. Fortuna Sittard 29-30 (45-69)
15. FC Emmen 29-28 (34-68)
16. The County 29-26 (33-59)
17. Excelsior 29-26 (33-63)
18. NAC Breda 29-21 (26-65)NAC-FC Emmen · 4 hours geledenWe spend tonight extensive attention to the cracker in the Eredivisie: NAC-FC Emmen. The club from Breda has the points as hekkensluiter very much needed.

💛🖤 | Can NAC the next slot to the crack in the Houdini-act on the way to self-preservation? Tonight is FC Emmen opponent in Breda. ⚔️
🖊 The #MatchdayCartoon of this week, from the hand of the cartoonist and NAC supporter Bram de Bont. 👇
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AuteurNAC Breda 💛🖤Time of plaatsen15:49 – 12 april 2019Keuken Champion Division · 4 hours ago

This is the program for 20.00 hours in the Kitchen Champion Division:

  • FC Dordrecht-MVV
  • NEC-Helmond Sport
  • FC Twente-Telstar
  • FC Volendam-Jong PSV
  • SC Cambuur-Jong FC Utrecht
  • FC Eindhoven-Roda JC
  • Young AZ-RKC Waalwijk
  • Almere City-FC Den Bosch

Premier league · 7 hours geledenEen eye-catching guest at the training ground in AZ today: Guus Hiddink.

✅ Training done: attentive spectator Guus Hiddink to leave the field.
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AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen12:54 – 12 april 2019Eredivisie · 10 hours ago

(2/2) “All signals were on green, with each other,” says Groenendijk in a press release. “I have fun in my work and feel at home here. This is partly thanks to the good cooperation with the rest of the technical staff and the medical staff. That’s all well and feel that the group probably will be also.”Eredivisie · 10 hours ago

Groenendijk longer with ADO
(1/2) ADO Den Haag renew the contract of Alfons Groenendijk. The trainer, who in the ‘Hofstad’ was in the possession of an expiring contract is now until 2021 when his current employer.Premier league · 11 hours ago

The Is stressed that against Excelsior every goal counts in title
Matthijs de ligt realize that tomorrow against Excelsior every goal can be important with regard to the title with PSV, but he doesn’t believe that Ajax, because of the goal difference otherwise they must play in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. “Finally, we are at the top. Every goal counts now,” said The Is, that with Ajax on points with PSV, but the goal difference of Ajax is better: +74 to +65. “It goes against Excelsior not only to win, but for us, that changes little. We always want a lot of goals and that succeed usually nice. I see no reason to do things differently.”Back to top


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