‘Farmer seeks. Woman’ light tip of the veil

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The past few months was by the team of ‘Farmer Seeks Wife – Around The World’ mysterious made about the new participants in the program. Also this year again go Dina Tersago and An Lemmens, looking for partners for 5 farmers all over the world. Will An and Dina manage to re one or more couples form?

Love knows no limits, that has the first season of ‘Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World’ double proved with the beautiful couples, Jan and Romina and Manu and Hilde. Also this year, 5 Flemish farmers abroad in search of a love of here. From Monday 15 to Friday 19 april sets VTM every day a new farmer, between VTM NEWS and Family, about 19.55 hours.

Flanders can meet with Victor (25) from Bulgaria, Etienne (55) from cape Verde, Stephan (33) from Canada, Gerard (43) from Germany and Marianne (40) from Finland. Yes, for the first time, so also a woman looking for a Flemish man through ‘Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World.’ Each one of the participants penalty adventurers who are a challenge sought and found abroad, each in a different corner of the world. But still they find the last puzzle piece of happiness in Flanders: a nice partner to make their life complete.

Presentatrices Dina Tersago and An Lemmens travel again around the world to immerse themselves in the world of the five farmers, and they wrists to their deepest feelings and greatest desires.

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