Farage proposes new party ‘Brexit Party’ for

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Nigel Farage, the former leader of the eurosceptic party Ukip and in favour of a hard Brexit, will in the next European elections come up with his new party, the Brexit Party. The party already exists since February, but today was proposed.

The government May still hopes for may 22, the European Union with an agreement, so that they are not European elections need to organize. The British government takes ” all necessary legal steps’ to the elections to prepare for so that may take place on the 23rd of may, in the case that there is no timely agreement is reached. The nominations of the candidates must at the latest on 24 april, the europscepticus Nigel Farage was already known that he is one of those candidates will be. He comes on for the Brexit Party.

That party was in February, already established, for the case that participation in the elections not to avoid. The name of the party makes all of the main programme item clearly. Farage, who is currently still in the European Parliament resides, is dismayed that Brexit is now already two times it was delayed. “I am determined to ensure that the results of the referendum (about the Brexit, ed.) is endorsed’, says Farage. “The fastest way to get to break the deadlock, is to leave under the terms of the vrijhandelsorganisatie’, claims Farage. Read: a hard brexit without agreement. According to the British Mep, the EU will eventually “beg for a tariefvrije agreement’ with the United Kingdom.

“Three years ago we voted to allow the European Union to leave, and there we were told that it would be applied. We were betrayed, but starting today we fight back’, said Farage on BBC Radio.

On a pro-Brexit-event in Coventry warned Farage his opponents that they are not a ‘mister nice guy’ should expect. Also he claims thousands of British pounds used to bet that his party will the most votes.

Farage suggested order one of the other candidates on the list, Annunziata Rees-Mogg’s sister brexiteer Jacobs Moss, a member of the Conservative Party. “Our politicians should listen to what the people have asked,” says the politician.

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