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Facebook wants to collect a billion for development of the crypto project

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Facebook wants to collect a billion for development of the crypto project

Home News Facebook wants a billion for development of the crypto project to collect

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The rumors strip already since last year, the crypto landscape that Facebook wants to bring its own digital currency on the market, in order to connect the vast amounts of users through a single global currency. According to the latest statements of a reporter Facebook will soon begin a round of financing, the money for the crypto-currency project collected.

According to the New York Times Reporter Nathaniel Popper Facebook to capital is seeking donors for your crypto-currency venture, with money amounts up to one billion dollars. The own currency is to be introduced as the “Stablecoin” for Whatsapp, the currencies of, among others, also foreign, such as, for example, uses the Euro or the Swiss franc, as a safety.

Facebook should already work since the beginning of last year at a secret project whose actual goal so far can only speculate. The fact is, however, that the company is driving the development and expansion of the block chain Department. A total of more than 30 people currently work in this area, which is under the leadership of former President of PayPal, David Marcus, and as a technical head of the project to promote.

According to the official public Figures of Facebook, however, has enough of its own liquid funds, the development of his own Hand. Popper speculates that the use of external investors leads to a greater independence of the project outside of Facebook, and thus the basic idea of decentralization strengthened.

Popper argues that it is interesting and unusual at the same time that Facebook, one of the richest companies in the world, money wants to collect. The last public funding round of Facebook back in the year 2011, at the Facebook a in the amount of USD 1.5 billion from some of the industry heavyweights such as Goldman Sachs Investment Partners and DST Global collected. Facebook is one of the worldwide more than 2 billion active users, so that the introduction of a digital currency could have a big impact on the society and the payment processing. At the present time, however, there is still no official opinion on the part of the group.

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