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“F1 has less technology and more ingenuity is needed”

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“F1 has less technology and more ingenuity is needed”

This is not to deny that the current hybrid engines are gems if you look at the figures but the main point of criticism was always the lack of sound evidence. In the run-up to the thousandth of a F1 race this coming weekend in Shanghai will be giving a number of prominent figures from the sport in the magazine “AUTO,” their vision of the past and the future of the sport.

As a four-time world champion if Alain Prost not in lack.

Technology or ingenuity?
“We are currently in a period in which we have a lot of technology and we have lots of data be able to gather,” says Prost.

“The technology is fantastic and for the big brands it’s good that the link between the daily life and the competition is getting bigger.”

“If we keep that in mind while we look to the future of the sport, I think that we need to grow to a Formula 1 where more ingenuity to find. Where we have more surprises and more strategic opportunities.”

The F1 should be more human be
“We have to make the sport more humane. The emphasis should be placed on the human side of the story, the drivers and the engineers, and maybe a little less on the technological side.”

“I also think that we need to be that extreme engineering but there must be a better balance. In this way the F1 is also more difcult to understand for people outside the sport.”

Also, the legendary designer of several ferraris in the sixties and seventies, Mauro Forghieri, let us know what he of the current Formula 1.

“I think the move to hybrid engines correctly, but I would do some more inhaalacties want to see,” said the Italian.

DRS should disappear
“The only way to obtain is the elimination of DRS, I hate it really, and the reduction of the aerodynamic downforce and all of the innovation to an area within the wheelbase to move.”

“That way there is less turbulence and there are less obstacles when overtaking . I would also have a lot of restrictions on the engines omit and leave more room for creativity.”

“A bit of a case of ‘live and let live’, as in the Flower Power, even more than hybrid power,” concludes the Italian with a touch.

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