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F1 celebrates 1000th race with very exclusive champagne

f95e692bd60dcf9612124a0045764143 - F1 celebrates 1000th race with very exclusive champagne

This coming weekend will find in China the 1000th F1-race, place, and provided the Formula 1 and Carbon special magnumflessen. The special event must, after all, tools are put in the spotlight and what better way than with an exclusive bottle of champagne?

Since 2017 is the exclusive champagnemerk Carbon the official supplier of the magnumflessen that after every F1-race on the stage used to be. A magnumfles of Carbon costs 3 000 dollars per bottle. Each F1 race weekend, so with some 9 000 dollar champagne celebrated.

The special edition bottles of the GP of China will undoubtedly still cost more …

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