‘Extradition Julian Assange may be months, even years’

eaa8a82bd2f54e960a79c68291156bf9 - ‘Extradition Julian Assange may be months, even years’

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will not be without a fight extradition to the United States, which led him to sue for hacking and conspiracy.

Assange was Thursday arrested in the embassy of Ecuador in London, where he worked for nearly seven years.”. There was, since 2012, a British arrest warrant for breaking the conditions of his bail, but he was also arrested for a uitleveringsverzoek of Washington.

Jennifer Robinson, one of the lawyers of Assange, left Thursday already know that the whistleblower extradition will challenge it. Lawyers who are known with the procedure say that the process is months long, and appeal is possible to the level of the Supreme court. ‘In theory, Assange even years of stretching, ” says Nick Vamos to Bloomberg, formerly employed by the British Crown Prosecution Service where he took over deliveries.

If Sweden are uitleveringsverzoek renew, it is even difficult to get an extradition to the US on short time to get around. In 2017 let Sweden the complaint in a verkrachtingszaak still fall, but the lawyer of the woman, said Thursday the public prosecutor started to ask for the research on which case to open again.

In the cell

If he is extradited, or to Sweden or the US, Assange can prepare for a stay in the cell. After he the terms of his bail had been violated in the Swedish verkrachtingszaak, and to the embassy of Ecuador had fled so that he could not be extradited, it seems unlikely that a court will again deposit will approve.

The next time that he for the judge, on 2 may, at a hearing on the American uitleveringsverzoek. For the break of the borgvoorwaarden was a British judge Assange yesterday already guilty.

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