Everyone welcome at funeral, Paul Severs

67069e43cc5fe460b07b3dcf938fed79 - Everyone welcome at funeral, Paul Severs

When is the funeral of Paul Severs? It is one of the most frequently asked questions from the past few days. Will his family the fans the chance to say goodbye to the legendary artist, or they can choose for an intimate afscheidsplechtigheid? However, there is clarity. Paul Severs will only be on Tuesday, april 23, to be buried for everyone to have the opportunity to be present.

“The reactions to the death of my father from both fans, friends, colleagues, the press and the family are of an unprecedented magnitude”, responds son Christophe. He also noticed that there are a lot of questions were about the farewell of his father. Also of the press, by the way. In the meantime, so there is clarity on the last gig of Paul Severs and that action comes later this month. “We can only but try all this, be as respectful as possible, in the right direction” said Christophe.

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