Ellemieke Vermolen apologizes

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Ellemieke Vermolen is with her family enjoying a nice vacation, but one photo has one and the other one is less nice. Thursday, the wife of Sergio Herman is a picture showing it with a tiger cub poses. That the cub a leash bears, shot a lot of her followers in the wrong throat. Thursday tried Ellemieke Vermolen posting the picture to fit but in the meantime they succumbed to the criticism and she decided the photo still offline.
“I’m on vacation with my family and get the one bowl shit after the other fry shit about me. Some of the responses I understand, but some really don’t”, she wrote on Instagram. “I am certainly of the opinion that a tiger not to hear. This is in reality not. The foundation is doing in my eyes good work. They catch animals that need it. By something to post on insta, I wanted this foundation to bring to the attention, because they all need attention. Maybe I made a mistake in their as many say. I don’t know of. So my excuse, too, am but a man with a big heart for animals for a better life earn. I think that Zoological Wildlife Foundation that does. If it is not, then, are the liars and I am too good faith. Should I now further from me enjoy?”, decision Ellemieke on Instagram.

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