Elderly brothers shine in Don’t Worry Be Happy

dd62bdf821f4ec662e9549fe824d300b - Elderly brothers shine in Don't Worry Be Happy

Tonight start Don t Worry Be Happy by Peter Boeckx on Four. With a starring role for Louis and Hubert, two elderly brothers and farmers. They do everything together. Boeckx filmed them o.a. if they are with their small truck in the direction of Brussels ‘ drive to potatoes and courgettes for a few euros to sell Moroccan convenience stores. “Whenever they go to Brussels, to drive them two times under the Atomium,” says Boeckx in The Newspaper. But they are still never dare to go.” What is especially striking is their lifestyle. The appear to be two farmer charels. A bathroom and not wash themselves, they do occasionally with a washcloth and a large bowl where she can care about. “We wash us when we get to the doctor should’, sound.

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