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‘Don’t worry be happy’: Sleep does not cost money

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In ‘Don’t worry be happy’ looking for Peter Boeckx people who are happy to live with almost nothing. Phara de Aguirre is going along with Steven Van Herreweghe, who is an appropriately-repo already. And datajournalisten go tonight to find stories behind the numbers.


NPO 2 21.45-22.00 hours

Datajournalisten go in search of the stories behind the numbers. In this episode, they leave their light on a Dutch politievlogger and how to use the privacy laws to his boot lapt.


One 20.35-21.30

Phara de Aguirre along with Steven Van Herreweghe, her Matter-repo (1996) about warning symbols on tv programs already. This interviewed The Aguirre not only her own children, she left them unfiltered, violence and sex.


Four 20.35-21.25 hours

After The sky is The limit – in which he the more affluent among us portrayed – deposit Peter Boeckx is now on the people who are happy with almost nothing. Was also in the running as a title: The gutter is the limit.

4 in RESPECT of

Canvas 20.00 – 20.30 hours

The matter highlights the situation in Sudan, after the dictator was arrested and imprisoned. Rudi Vranckx explains in the studio. In addition, there is also a report on an Oecd report, in which the organization is concerned about the fading middle class. John Crombez (SP.(A) and Gwendolyn Rutten (Open VLD) argue about it in the studio.


One 22.20 – 23.00

Stijn Seels, become world famous after the kiss of Linde Merckpoel, talks about the wages of profwielrenners. Ward Verrijcken, William Time and Tine Oltmans on the last season of Game of thrones, which on Sunday night premiered. Singer Josje Huisman and hoofddiëtist of UZA Michael Sels talk about vegan education. And the band Portland has about the success of ‘record store day’.

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