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Delfine Person acquitted after evading of doping control, bokster gets called “a sneer” for her behaviour

Delfine Person is Thursday acquitted by the Flemish Doping Tribunal, after being on October 28 of last year, a doping control had been missed because they are not immediately able to urinate. That news was confirmed to Belga by the Flemish Doping Tribunal.

“It pertained to evade a doping control on October 28, 2018, and it is decided that Delfine Person could not withdraw from an assignment as a police officer,” explains attorney Patrick Verlooy.

“Sneer as a result of her behaviour”

“When the controlearts on that day, signed up at her home, could Delfine Person not a steel to deliver because they just go to the toilet had been. Then went to the controlearts along to a training session and later to the politiekantoren in Bruges, but there also weren’t able to urinate. Last Delfine Person depart a beauty of nature in Aalst and the controlearts if this does not follow, that control is broken. The claim was, therefore, not well founded, but Delfine Person of the chairman or a sneer received as a result of her behaviour on the day of the facts. There are, however, no penalties,” decided the attorney.

For the WBC-champion in the lightweights is the story this last. The 34-year-old Person can be as in all the rest to prepare for her next camps. There are plans for a prestigious camp at the Irish Katie Taylor on Saturday, June 1, in Madison Square Garden in New York, though in this regard there is no guarantee.

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