Death Paul Severs two times new in the Top 70 of the 70’s

It is a pity that a man died to to get votes. It is Paul Severs happen. There could be up to Thursday vote on the Top 70 of the 70s that Friday on Radio 2 was broadcast. Paul Severs got a lot of extra votes because in the top 70, he came up two times. During the previous edition, there was no trace of his hits, this time. The listeners voted mainly on two songs of him: ‘No Wonder That I Weep’ and ‘I Love You’. The two songs ended, respectively 12 and 4. And in so doing, Paul Severs, much better than the next Flemish hit, namely ‘To my darling’ by Will Tura.
It is beautiful that the listeners of Radio 2 Paul Severs have thought, this posthumous entries are Paul really be awarded.

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