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Coinbase: New credit card allows for direct payment with Bitcoin

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Coinbase: New credit card allows for direct payment with Bitcoin

Home News Coinbase: New credit card allows for direct payment with Bitcoin

Marcel Knobloch –

The adaptation of crypto-currencies has a significant impact on their dissemination and use in practice, and in the global economy. The largest American crypto-currency stock exchange, Coinbase, has announced that it will introduce a credit card that allows users to easily on your Assets can be accessed.

This foray marks a new milestone, since the user can pay for the Visa debit card from Coinbase without detours with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP. The ATM card is to be first to the market in great Britain is introduced and then gradually expanded. If customers of the Exchange to use the card, in practice, to pay, then your crypto is translated balances in a Fiat currency, in this case, the British pound (GBP), converted to complete the purchase (free):

Customers can use their card at millions of locations around the world, and payments made via contactless, Chip and PIN numbers, as well as cash withdrawals from money make machine.

This is one of the first debit card, which establishes a direct connection between a crypto-currency exchange to the traditional money system, the user direct access to your Coinbase accounts and digital currencies. To simplify the handling, Coinbase also introduced a new App “Coinbase-Card App”, with the users of the payments can manage. Here, users can select which crypto-Wallets to be used for the financing of the Coinbase card. All of the Assets of the platform are supported, are offered for buying and selling (freely translated):

This means that you can pay for a meal with Bitcoin. The App also provides instant documents, transaction summaries, expense categories and more.

The card is issued by the company Paysafe Financial Services Limited and is fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. According to a report by Forbes, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin will be the first Assets to be supported from the beginning. Here, Coinbase waives the first customers to sign up for it (freely translated):

To celebrate the launch of the Coinbase Card, we waive the issue fee of £ 4.95 for the first 1,000 people who have joined the waiting list.

Customers of Coinbase can already as of today, the iOS – or Android-download the App with your Coinbase Account, link. After the successful setup, the card is sent by Post and can then be immediately used in practice.

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