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Club Brugge demonstrates against Standard

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Who Club Brugge stops, is this season’s champion. Racing Genk knot for the better in the ears as the Sunday, the resigning champion will receive, because after Gent and Anderlecht was also now Standard (more than) three goals to the ears. If gain on Genk is a Club with palm Sunday already.

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Club Brugge


Razvan Marin for a whopping amount of money to Ajax. Moussa Djenepo the new Junior Edmilson. Mehdi Carcela his own brilliant self. We have over the last few weeks took on the quality Standard? The Rouches were just like Club Brugge with a six on six on their third Play-off 1-duel started. On both sides of the language border, they were as titelkandidaat branded. But after an unfortunate tegengoal attacked the masks yesterday. The Liège flankverdedigers knew no council with the lightning fast flanks of the Club. Renaud Emond has played an invisible game. Mehdi Carcela and Razvan Marin got their team and not the football.

The one six on six was, of course, the other not. Club put AA Gent and Anderlecht score three goals. Standard won at home against Antwerp, and had some luck won at Gent. Yesterday in Jan Breydel showed what the Rouches shortcomings in this title: quality, but also mentality. After the 3-0 did the visitors not even as if they were still in the match wanted to fight. Standard called these heavy defeat itself.

Hydraulic press

The visitors had Club Brugge initially well received. To Zinho Vanheusden his momentum horribilis polite. The action began with a distant kick from Ethan Horvath. Hans Vanaken headlined by Wesley, which is extracted with a flukse lendenslag and a measured pass for Ruud Shaper. The Club captain got the leather does not extend past the quickly released Guillermo Ochoa and Zinho Vanheusden had to but routine cleaning… to the Person slipped and with his steunbeen the ball in goal tapped. One of the most painful owngoals you in the play-offs will see came at a high price.

Because after the 1-0 enlisted Club on kampioenenmodus. The premise, the cover, and the finish of Siebe Schrijvers for the 2-0 was of a quality where they in Anderlecht with watery eyes will look at. And also in Genk, they will even grind their teeth.

The early 2-0 for the thuisaanhang the sign to “Ivan Leko’s Bruges Army” chant. The days of the Croat seem to be a few good relationship with the board are counted, but are – at sporting grounds – not uitlegbaar. Club fell started to crank, and on the corner was 3-0 anyway. Luminary Dennis responded faster than the Standard defenders for the 3-0 against the ropes to cups.

The resurrection of Decarli

Standard coach Michel Preud’homme brought on the rest, not even a bill by. Who would he possibly need to bring? Orlando Sa has this season, no once can convince and Alen Halilovic is a beautiful footballer, but not the man to Standard with a 3-0 gap in the hand to take.

Club denderde in the fourth quarter on the Rouches. Without good saves from Ochoa had Vanaken and Writers 4-0. Preud’homme grip now, however, and delivered Laifis from his suffering. Halilovic came back Marin redeem.

The spelbeeld changed not more. Ivan Leko dropped his strongholds to rest and did not even Saulo Decarli substitute. A resurrection of the at the Freethiel buried Swiss, so close to Easter.

On the cross of Shaper put His position on the board. The second goal in two matches for the Brazilian is another reason why Club in the title, should believe: Wesley is suddenly a scoring striker.

With nine on nine and ten goals in three games attracts Club in bloedvorm to Genk. Provided that net profit in Limburg, blue-black for Easter-on-one.

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