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By China Mining bans actually?

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Matthias Nemack –

The Commission should be implemented-plans, this would be a clear break. China criticized in crypto Coins, especially for control problems.

Commission puts ban on plans for Mining

During these days in South Korea finally criticism and legal as oppositional resistance against the hard-line course of the government of rain, which could lead to less rigid regulation in the sphere of the currencies of Bitcoin than Ethereum to Ripple, the Chinese government in Beijing in the implementation of the current plans, the exact opposite direction. Thus, the government, or the currently very active National development and reform Commission would like to finally make sure that China can be the starting point of crypto Mining.

Mining should not be from China possible

A new draft law on the citizens in the country by around four weeks to respond would mean in the case of the cases, the end of the Bitcoin Mining in China. The Declaration of Mining spend, too much energy, seems to be according to some observer, but rather is advanced. Finally, the people’s Republic presents itself otherwise, to put it mildly, not necessarily as a great environmentalist. But it is precisely this consumption of resources, the Committee cites as a major factor against the admission of the crypto-Mining. At the beginning of the ban should stand to the Mining of new Bitcoin units. This topic landed on a list of around a medium-sized four-digit number of additional activities that might prohibit the Land to its citizens in the future.

Anonymous transactions go government-against the grain

As the reason for the proposed ban on industry connoisseurs, however, rather the problems in the control of cryptographic TRANS-actions as a result of the anonymity, which engages in currencies like Monero even more than Bitcoin. And, interestingly enough, could undermine the government in Beijing of a domestic production the water. Because in the country some of the largest manufacturers of computer systems, which are used worldwide in Mining. Generally speaking, such a political announcement but are hardly surprising, because China has long very restrictive when it comes to digital currencies and the Blockchain. So, for example, a number of platforms and exchanges, the trade and after. The execution of such a ban can not imagine everyone. With too far-reaching criticism of analysts do not expect but rather.

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